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VUUVEN PRODUCT CATALOGUE LINEN, WOOL THROW SCARVES WITH BRAID DETAIL VUUVEN braided scarves are the bestsellers of VUUVEN. We use linen, merino wool, cashmere wool, alpaca wool and viscose – all natural materials, that can be relied on in the cold weather conditions. You can hide from the cold in the harsh winters, windy autumns and springs, and even use the scarf as a cloak for chilly summer nigths.In the process of weaving the scarves, every one of them receives additional care with added braid, which is made in soumak weaving technique. Every braid is unique and demonstrates the presence of the weaver in the making of the scarf.Seasonal usability: all seasons - can be used as a scarf, also as...

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Machine woven vs. hand woven... Which is better?

As I’ve promised, I am sharing my experience and reflections about how and whyis hand woven fabric different from factory made.First of all I would like to express my gratitude for sharing Your commentsbelow my post on VUUVEN Facebook page. It helped me gather the thoughts tofinally delve deeper into this topic that requires more than just few lines.Even before the first VUUVEN collection came to life, and before the first VUUVENloom I knew I wanted to create something permanent and long lasting.Something, that’s value can not be measured by price or by it’s conformity to thelatest fashion trends.World is full of objects that are being replaced every season. It’s not a secret thatin the fashion industry we currently have 52 seasons....

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