VUUVEN scarf collection thickness guide

We live in such latitudes where the seasons more or less dictate our habits, and we also have to adapt our choices of clothes and accessories, so I sometimes go crazy in order to prepare for the cold or warm season in time. When the cold weather is getting closer and closer, as it is now, I, once again, realized that I wasn't properly prepared to enjoy the cold season as much as possible. In my opinion, nowadays we are increasingly buying goods, products, including clothing and even food - virtually, on the Internet. This convenient and time-saving habit has one disadvantage, when making a choice of buying something online, we can only rely on the quality of the pictures and product description, as well as feedback. And one of the most important points - to feel the material, try on the product - is missing.

When creating VUUVEN, already back then, we realized that the main sales platform will be an online store. We knew that the emphasis will be on image quality and descriptions, as well as best possible communication with the client,  those will be our most important values. Hand-woven fabric is completely different from knitted, machine-knitted or crocheted, its texture depends on the weaving technology. There are many weaving techniques - there are fine patterns and very simple technical solutions for the fabric, and there are more complex techniques and patterns, over the years I have figured out which patterns will be the best to highlight the good properties of the materials and make the product wearable for years.



Autumn / winter collection scarves are mostly woven in one technique. It is the oldest weaving technique there is. I've chosen a plain-weaving technique, it highlights both wefts and warps, allowing me to play and vary with the thickness of the threads and make the best combinations for soft and durable scarves.
Below, I have divided the VUUVEN cold season collection scarves by their thickness. This will guide you and help to understand which scarf will be the best for your needs and daily routine.

Thinner wool scarves

Soft, light and warm - these are the thinnest autumn / winter scarf collection scarves. I am not afraid to say that these are thin but warm scarves, and are designed for the cold season, because the materials I've chosen - merino wool, alpaca wool, mohair and cashmere wool - are materials that will make natural fibers pleasant and will not lose heat, as synthetic ones do. Lightweight and flexible, these scarves will be suitable for those who are always in a hurry, and they will be useful not only in winter, but also in all other seasons. On summer evenings, when you want to throw something on your shoulders to protect you from colder breezes, or just when the weather is not spoiling us with warm sun beams all day long. They are also easy to wear with thicker jackets and coats, as they are thinner, and more reminiscent of industrially made scarves in terms of texture and thickness. But the elegance and character of this scarf is achieved by creating a texture - combining different thicknesses of threads in the process of weaving.

Plant-based scarves also fall into this thickness category, although for our touch the combination of Tencel and bamboo yarn is heavier than merino wool scarves.

Here you can take a look at the scarves:



Medium thickness wool scarves 

The thickness of these scarves allows you to wrap yourself in them and feel not only how the natural wool fiber warms you up, but also the thickness of the woven material lying comfortably on your shoulders. It is for scarves of this thickness that I have created the most models with a woven braid detail on the side, because the thickness and braid complement and match each other.
Weaving these scarves I can express myself more in color variations, because I combine 2-5 different yarns in one thread in the base of the woven fabric. This makes the scarf richer not only in terms of materiality, but also the color is unique and special, because it plays with each other not only when the threads consist with each other, but also in the light reflections. Here I must also say that I am not keen on glamorous sets of chameleon colors, I am more of a pastels person, soft and earthy tones, their interconnections and harmony between each other. Here shows that VUUVEN values have developed over the years - the quality of materials and craftsmanship appear here. 
I will repeat myself, but the woven material is really special for our touch, because the fiber of the material is expressive.

* Customers appreciate children's collection of scarves. Also it is a good addition to men's and women's wardrobes, because due to their size they can be worn even under thinner jackets.

Here you can take a look at the scarves:



Thick wool scarves

Lovely, cute and voluminous - these thick wool scarves are like a warm hug, which is perfect for those who are always cold and freezing, like me. If autumn is a melancholy and romantic time, with its frosts and rain, then winter, when the minus drops by several degrees to minus, is a test even for my northern skin and soul. The thick and puffy raw wool thread, which is woven into the base of linen, highlights each other's best properties - linen restrains the raw wool, and the wool gives off all the heat. 
When weaving, we have especially polished the technique of weaving, so that even these, thick scarves, would be light and pleasant for everyday wear.

Here you can take a look at the scarves: