VUUVEN new collection - baby blankets

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The idea of creating this collection came to my mind a bit more than a year ago, when our newborn baby boy Miķelis came into this world. 
Days waiting for him to arrive were filled with love and longing to finally meet him. 
Knowing how much love and tenderness goes into caring for our little ones, I’ve created this new collection - handwoven baby blankets. 


The great news is that they can accompany the child from their birth up until first school days, due to their practical size - 90 x 110 cm. Blankets are gently woven with uttermost care in every strand and tap, light and soft on touch. 
One of the core values I emphasize is a careful choice of materials, by assembling only natural and especially soft materials. Choosing linen for basis, I’ve interwoven Viloft viscose, merino, and alpaca wool. I put a lot of thought and work into bringing out the best qualities of the materials used, preparing them after weaving so that You'll fall in love with softness and gentleness with the first touch. 

Happiness is only real when shared, once a wise man said. Making this baby blanket such a special and thoughtful gift for a newborn, wrapping him during all of  those most memorable childhood moments. 

The choice of colors for this collection was assembled from harmonically combined shades of pastel. Adding a playful touch of pom - pom balls,  which are tightly worked into the edge of the blanket. Materials used are extremely soft, gentle on touch and without any long loose strands, that should not end up in babies mouth.


I am greatly inspired by the brand ‘’Nature King’’ amazing products - they offer a great array of thoughtful homeware for nature’s children. 

And here comes my special gift to all VUUVEN clients and followers, a discount for 20 % off any purchase in ‘’Nature King’’ homepage.
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«Nature King» — homeware for nature’s children. The core values of «Nature King» are minimalistic aesthetics, natural materials and transformable, ergonomic products. The hanging cradle is designed for infants until the age of six months. The spring creates a light, rhythmic bouncing motion that helps the child to fall asleep during any time of the day. Afterwards, it is easy to transform the cradle into a static piece of furniture on wooden legs. When the child has learned to sit, the spring mechanism can be adapted for another «Nature King» product — the hanging swing. Thus three interconnected pieces of furniture follow the development stages of the child during the first years of life.


Location: Jaunā Teika