PURE SOFTNESS plant based scarves

This collection is made from 100 % natural plant-based fibers and threads - linen, lyocell (Tencel) and bamboo wool. They're super soft and gentle for skin and touch, and because they're natural, they will keep you warm in cooler days.

Light and elegant - these scarves are designed to be worn daily and also for very special occasions.

Composition - linen,bamboo thread, Lyocell (TENCEL®)

Weight: 270 g

Let's look deeper what's in the composition:

Linen - This material has unique properties - it's fiber is tight and durable yet the material obtained from it is light, air permeable. Linen has anti-allergic properties making it all time favorite when manufacturing clothing. It easily absorbs liquid and because it is a natural fiber, dries quickly as well. From the beginning, linen fiber is a little bit hard, woody, but with using and washing it becomes windy, silky and pleasant on touch

Bamboo thread - The bamboo plant is fast growing, highly sustainable and is naturally organic. It does not require replanting after harvest but will regenerate from its rhizome root structure. Bamboo improves soil quality and helps to rebuild eroded soil. When processed into fiber or yarn mechanically-processed bamboo requires no chemicals harmful to workers or the environment and maintains its inherently anti-bacterial properties. Environmentally friendly, bamboo-based fabrics have a luxurious softness often compared with cashmere.  

Lyocell (TENCEL®) -TENCEL™ branded lyocell and modal fibers are produced by environmentally responsible processes from the sustainably sourced natural raw material wood.