Wool scarf Deep Forest
Wool scarf Deep Forest


Wool scarf Deep Forest


Long Wool collection scarves are made for everyday use. We combined best quality fiber and coloring materials, that will last. Yarns that we use are natural and antimicrobial.

So soft and gentle for skin and touch, we take good aftercare of each product that comes out of our looms and studio.

    • 100% handwoven on wooden hand looms in Latvia
    • color – mix of green wool threads in dark blue linen base
    • size –  39x190 cm
    • fabric – merino wool 60%, linen 20%, mohair 20%
  • softened with anti-allergic softener

    Washing instruction - we recommend gentle hand washing (https://www.vuuven.lv/blogs/news/vuuven-tekstilizstradajumu-kopsanas-rekomendacija)